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Step 3: Generate the code

Run the generate command

When your data models are ready, generate the code with this command:

hpf generate

This will launch the generator and copy the generated files to your boilerplate locally:

• Found channel HapiJS in ~/my-project/boilerplate-hapijs
• Found channel Angular Dashboard in ~/my-project/boilerplate-ngx-dashboard
✓ Generated 60 files for channel HapiJS
✓ Generated 189 files for channel Angular Dashboard

You can now start customizing and using the generated code.


The generate command can handle multiple boilerplates or channels at once. To learn more about the generate command, please refer to this article.

Format the code

Hapify does not format the output code. This task is delegated to the boilerplate itself. We strongly recommend that you use the boilerplate's built-in linter, if available, or use the code formatter from your IDE.